Wholesale Application Form

Terms and Agreements: All accounts are pre-paid only by credit card
Resale Certificate

*Please include a completed state resale certificate with this application.

Resale Representation

As the Retailer of Coffee & Coffee Merchandise, I certify that the Trinity Road LLC product is being purchased for retail sales to consumers and that it is not and will not be sold to other retailers, resellers, or distributors either within the United States or outside. I further understand that Trinity Road LLC is relying on this certification in agreeing to provide product for resale to consumers and that the business relationship will cease if this agreement is violated.

Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) - At no time shall prices of our products be advertised at prices lower than those currently shown on our retail site. Online and Third Party Marketplaces ‐ Wholesale customers are not allowed to promote or sell our products on third party platforms like Amazon and Etsy or in search engines like Google Search or Shopping, Bing Search or Shopping, or other marketing channels. Wholesale customers can sell our products on their own retail website, so long as our our MAP and Online and Third Party Marketplaces rules are followed.